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Where do sessions take place?

All sessions take place in the client's home. I am fully licensed to provide services throughout Pennsylvania, and I am a registered telehealth provider in Florida and Delaware. Due to current pandemic restrictions, the majority of sessions are taking place via telehealth. Where possible, I like to do a first session in person at your home to build rapport if you are within a reasonable driving distance and our schedules align, but this is not a requirement.    


Can I refer my mother/father/sister/friend for psychotherapy or care consultation? They could really use your help!


I am happy to speak with you in a free 15 minute psychotherapy consultation to discuss your concerns and whether I might be a good fit for you or your loved one, but ultimately therapy clients will need to contact me themselves to get acquainted and schedule a first appointment.  Full, informed consent is a must for therapy to have any chance of success and is required by law.


Eldercare consultation is a different thing altogether. Some clients contact me themselves to engage services, but I often work with concerned family members and caregivers living nearby or at a distance when their loved one is unwilling or unable to consent themselves. 

Can you give me regular updates on my loved one's progress? 

Therapy sessions and their content are 100% confidential. However, with the client's written consent, I can provide updates and consult as needed as long as all parties are fully informed and give consent. Clients may also invite caregivers, partners, adult children and other significant others into sessions as needed. Care management is often more collaborative. Optimal functioning is usually best achieved with some amount of information sharing and care coordination and we will work together to respect confidentiality and consent based on who has engaged my services and the identified client's capacity/willingness to engage in the care management process. I often conduct family meetings, care planning consultations, and training/coaching with families and facility staff on behalf of elders who may or may not themselves be able to participate. 


Which geographic areas do you cover in your therapy and care management practice? 


Medicare's telehealth expansion enables me to provide psychotherapy to clients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. I use a meeting platform called zoom, which is very user-friendly and provides a BAA certificate for added internet security and confidentiality. Geriatric care management and consultation can be provided for clients and caregivers living in any state. 

What is your therapy referral and onboarding process?

After receiving your referral, you and I will have a brief (15-20 mins) telephone or zoom conversation to get acquainted where we will discuss your needs, ask questions, and determine if we think we may be a good fit. If so, I will confirm your Medicare coverage or review private pay arrangements and send you my intake packet via internet or USPS mail. This includes a biopsychosocial history, consent forms, and practice policies, which you will complete and return before our first meeting. It is my practice to meet with all prospective clients 3 times for us both to evaluate whether it feels like a good fit. A good therapist/client match is essential for a successful therapy outcome and, while I have a lot of experience and professional training under my belt, I might not be the best fit for you and your needs for a variety of reasons. If that is the case, I will do my best to offer you appropriate referrals to clinicians that may better meet your needs. 

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