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Mary A Harris, MSS, LCSW

Specialized Counseling and Consultation



I'm a seasoned, dedicated psychotherapist who believes in the power of good therapy to heal and transform. Drawing on three decades of training and experience, I provide specialized counseling and consultation for middle-aged and older adults. My typical client is curious, motivated, and longing for more---more clarity, more ease, more fulfillment, more contentment. Many are fellow therapists, professionals, caregivers, or recent retirees who started their personal growth journey long ago and are looking to recalibrate and reinvest in themselves, but I do some of my best work with people who are new to the world of therapy and eager to process, go a bit deeper, and lean into the more intentional life. 


Priorities and needs shift as we age, and I believe the transitions and challenges of mid-life and older adulthood provide great opportunities for healing, change, and growth. I'm passionate about using this process to help you create a more fulfilling life and it is my honor to partner with you on this important journey. Together we will work to heal old wounds, interrupt stuck patterns, and connect more deeply with your authentic self and others. We'll identify what's most important to you and explore ways to live more consciously and fully, whatever your current situation. We will start where you are, and I'll support you as you work to create more of what inspires you and makes you thrive. 

Elder Care Consultation

I have 25 years of experience providing individualized care planning and consultation to older adults and caregivers.  As Founder and Director of Optimal Aging, LLC, I also provide specialized training and consultation to aging professionals, organizations, and residential communities.



Psychotherapy for Adults, specializing in Therapists, Caregivers, and Helping Professionals

Elder Care Consultation--Assessment, Short and Long Term Planning, Care Coordination


Training and Support for Caregivers, Aging Organizations, and Residential Communities


Contact Me

Mary A. Harris, MSS, LCSW
Psychotherapy | Elder Care Consultation

Executive Director, Optimal Aging, LLC 

Philadelphia, Pa 19119

Tel: 215-356-9321

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